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Transforming Belief Into Faith ~ Accepting More Good

The Goddess never gives you more than you can handle. This includes the bad as well as the good. The thought for the day is how much good can you handle in your life? On the surface, first responses are usually somewhere along the lines of “as much good things as I can get!” The truth is, however, that we have imposed or accepted limitations as to the levels of bad things we can handled AND the levels of good things we can accept. Sometimes it has to do with society classes. For example, a person who has been at … Continue reading

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The Principle of Duality ~ Going Deeper than Biology

Often when we discuss the Principle of Duality, we focus on the male and female aspect and the Great Dance between the two. However, there are deeper, more esoteric layers to this principle than the biological interpretation. There are the psychological aspects of the personality and the subconscious mind. There are electrical aspects of energy including protons and electrons. There are the spiritual aspects of the Summerland and the manifested realm (here). Being in the manifested form is not about maintaining perfect balance or remaining in the center point of all things. At that point, there is no movement. There … Continue reading


Tending My Wytchy Spiritual Garden

I am going to answer a few often asked questions regarding how someone can maintain a consistently high spiritual state when they are (1) so busy with __________ and/or have so many things going on right now, (2) so stressed by ______’s drama, (3) overwhelmed and depressed, (4) having constant physical pain/illness issues, (5) having extreme financial difficulties, (6) battling drug or alcohol addictions. The answer? You can’t. The response that usually comes after that is (1) but so many other people seem to do it, and/or (2) _________ person (usually Jesus) from a long ago past did it. The … Continue reading