Beltana Spellsinger ~ New Pagan Musicans Series ~ April 2012

Beltana Spellsinger (“Bel”) is kicking off our New Pagan Musicians Series for 28 days (lunar cycle, you know) during the month of April.  Although Beltana started out singing, playing, touring and recording with SONA throughout the United States Midwest, she then went onto fronting a female pagan band called BellaWyck. Her latest incarnation, however, has been her venture as a solo artist oftentimes backed by her own band called Spellsinger.

Bel comes by her name honestly as her April 30th is her birthday. After hearing her magickal voice many years ago, someone once told her that her she was a “singer of spells” and she thereafter appropriately assumed the name “Spellsinger” as well. She told me it’s the “magickal moniker” or craft name that she has used since 1996 after attending her first PSG, and discovered the spirit of the Spellsinger within herself.

As to her personal life, Bel is happily married with children and bakes cookies and homemade meals for her family. She shared with me, “All in all, you could easily say, that I am a pretty down to earth gal. “Earthy” as it is, might be how some describe me. I love music with a passion, and am immersed daily in the magick of just living and being… with my family, my land, Love itself, Passion, Life, Art… Green Living, and learning as much as I can about it all as I go.”

At the moment, Bel only has a “compilation” disk out, entitled Spellsinger; Days of Yore,” to date, but she is currently working on the first official “all original” Spellsinger material and plans to hopefully to released toward fall/winter of this year on a CD entitled “The Darke.”  She promises that it is going to be full of mystical, magickal, marvelous delvings into the spellbinding worlds of pagan enchantment and the Otherworld with a lot of rock. No worries though as I’ll be sure to let you know when her album becomes available.

In anticipation of the future CD, her “Gypsy Song” video below gives you and opportunity to hear her amazing voice and talents. She is also in the preproduction stages of her second, real live video “with the real live me in it and everything” according to Bel.

In addition to Bel’s musical talents, she also runs a land sanctuary in the Southern Ozarks, called Wolvenwold, where many pagan musicians over the years have popped in to play on the stages.

When asked about her beliefs, Bel shared the following:

“YEP! That’s me… for sure! ;-) Wholeheartedly pagan here,
child of the Goddess and the God… and damn proud of it!!!
My future albums will all likely have strong pagan themes, as well.
It is very much a part of who I am, through and through.”

Contact Info:

Beltana Spellsinger – Website / Facebook / MySpace / Twitter / Reverbnation



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One Response to Beltana Spellsinger ~ New Pagan Musicans Series ~ April 2012

  1. Jakay says:

    Very nice and spell-binding. As always, thank you Mead for passing along these musical revelations.

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