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Phoenix Phyre Ostara 2012 ~ Saturday 03/24/12


Saturday was another stumble to the First Aid Tent for a cup of coffee and a period of malaise in a camp chair. (I’m so predictable in the mornings.) Then, we headed off to walk around for a little bit stopping by to see the Rupert’s Tales show that Kyrja & Randy presented at Phoenix Phyre. Our son thoroughly enjoyed the tales and songs. If you have never sat in on one of these children’s workshops, it is worthwhile and enjoyable even for adults. Afterwards, Kyrja and Randy stopped by to visit our hearth. Always love spending time with her … Continue reading

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Twig the Fairy – Pagan & Wiccan Children’s Corner

Twig 4

Twig the Fairy Full Name:  Twig Oaklyn Flewinia Thistlebottom Occupation:  Fairy Twig Oaklyn Flewinia Thistlebottom was first sighted at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in 2003 by Kathy Gfeller, an actress from the small North Woods town of Ely, Minnesota, who has encouraged Twig the Fairy to become a fixture at many Renaissance Festivals around the country including Minnesota, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, South Dakota, and Colorado.  Twig often greets the small humans with a song played on her magical flute which is a double-piped aulos and often bears gifts. Amazingly, considering how distracted Twig gets from shiny things, she … Continue reading

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Pagan & Wiccan Children’s Corner ~ Rupert’s Tales by Kyrja

Rupert - Published

The current trend towards developing materials geared toward Pagan and Wiccan children and families is a welcomed sight. Whereas, other religions have a plethora of quality books, stories, and music geared toward the upcoming younger generation, it has been lacking in the Pagan and Wiccan Community. Fortunately, there are authors and musicians turning their attention to this need in our Community. One such author and personal friend is Kyrja, who is the author of Rupert’s Tales. Rupert’s Tales are meant for everyone from cradle to grave. These are the stories you wish you would have had as a kid, because … Continue reading

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