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Upcoming Festivals – Florida Pagan & Wiccan Scene (Spring 2012) Phoenix Phyre & FPG

Phoenix Phyre (03/21 – 03/25/12 Lakeland, Florida) Over the years, Phoenix Phyre has changed locations throughout the State of Florida in past years, but has seemed to settle into Lakelad, which is more convenient for South Florida Pagans & Wiccans. Last time I attended this festival, we found ourselves just over the state line into Georgia.  Phoenix Phyre has always tended to attract a strong elder (“wise ones” not old people) base from the Community and we have a wonderful time catching up with old friends we hadn’t seen in a long, long time as well as meeting many more new friends. The Fall main … Continue reading


Dragon Ritual Drummers ~ 28 Pagan Musicians in 28 Days Series 2012


Originally, I was planning on featuring the Dragon Ritual Drummers in a separate series on pagan drumming but after some careful consideration (and seeing them in this picture on the left), I realized I couldn’t possibly let so many talented and handsome men wait any longer for my attentions.  Rugged pagan men have always been my cup of tea.  I’m guilty.  Call my cauldron black. However, the Dragon Ritual Drummers are not in this series just because I’m unable to resist so many good looking and talented pagan men in one spot.  They deserve to be here for their amazing musical talents as … Continue reading