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Stereotyping ~ More Thoughts to Ponder

We have all stereotyped at one time of the other. Even if we go back to “Boys have cooties” and “Girls have cooties”. People try to define their place in society. The “mundane majority” has taught us to focus primarily on differences to define ourselves and to accept that the differences are “less” or inferior to what we possess. On the spiritual path, we are even more intensively attempting to define ourselves and by the very nature of this process, sometimes, we engage in even more stereotyping to determine what we “are not”. It is much easier to focus on … Continue reading

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Stereotyping and Misjudgments

SOME METHODS TO APPROACH STEREOTYPING AND JUDGMENTS 1. CHECK YOUR LOGIC AND REASONING. Sometimes, it’s not the logical process that is faulty or in question, but our intent behind the logical process that reveals a lot. Sometimes when we focus on the differences so much, we do become prejudice because we forget something very important from the beginning in sorting out facts. Some does not mean all. 2. CHECK WHETHER THIS IS SOMETHING YOU LEARNED FROM OTHERS RATHER THAN DRAWING YOUR OWN CONCLUSION WITH A PROPER APPROACH TO THE FACTS. The “mundane majority” often tries to perceive Some as All … Continue reading

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Male Mysteries – Request for Assistance from Men regarding Male Mysteries

Request for Assistance from Men regarding Male Mysteries I need some assistance with research on the Pagan Male Community. What paths that men have explored in their pursuit of spirituality between 1960′s to the present time. What was the evolution of your personal spiritual path? Did you begin with meditation techniques? Reading books and what kind of books? Study groups? I don’t need intimate details, just an outline of the history of your personal spiritual path. Please feel free to email information to All responses treated as confidential. Thank you so much for your assistance! Mead Muse For example, … Continue reading

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Male Mysteries – The Male Movement

“I do think, though, that once the spirit is manifest in a physical body and therefore acquires a gender, spirituality becomes maybe less important for men than it is for women. And the reason I’m saying this is because men are just not that interested in consciousness raising, otherwise they would have created a vigorous men’s movement by now that would be promoting it.” [Daughter of the Goddess – An interview with Z. Budapest by Susan Bridle at] Where is the vigorous men’s movement? It is right here and it is beginning now. It is not based on disempowering … Continue reading

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Male Mysteries – Phallic Symbols – Maypole & Beltaine

There are many symbols and signs in pagan traditions and religions that venerate the phallus as the representation of the active male force of nature.  Several representations are present in the Beltaine (May Day) practices, such as the Maypole shown above.  The purpose of the veneration during fertility rites was to impart and encourage the fertilizing male forces to stimulate the growth of crops, animals, and all of nature.  While the initial budding and greening has already begun prior to Beltaine, the purpose of the Beltaine fertility rite is fertilization of the blossoms and greening buds into fruitful maturity for … Continue reading

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Male Mysteries – The Calling

I am the voice in the night Rise up and come to me Break your bindings and seek The freedom only imagained Manifested into reality It is here if you come to me As the Mother to her son I will call you by ancient name And offer the mightiest sword Your bride, known only to me, Shall be delivered to the altar To await your touch and company I am the voice in the night Rise up and come to me Far from comfort of childish things Set aside fears of unknown quantity Follow the song of mysteries I … Continue reading

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Excalibur and The Lady of the Lake

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