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Mystics Series – The Dragon Mystic


In times past, the mystic path that drew the most attention was the Seahorse Mystic due to its relationship with the ocean and sea travel as being the great adventure. However, these days, there are dragon this and dragon that everywhere. I continually meet people who claim to be Dragon Masters, Dragon Keepers, Dragon Mystics, Dragon Killers, Dragon Slayers, and Dragon whatevers. I, personally, have no problem with this. If you like Dragons, you like Dragons. You want a tattoo because you like Dragons, then get a tattoo. The problem with the current obsession with Dragons, however, is that it … Continue reading

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Mystics Series – The Seahorse Mystic


The Hippokampoi or Seahorse Mystic is another combination of elements. The myths of the hippokampoi reflect the head and fore part of the horse and the rear portion is reflective of a serpentine fish. The hooves are often webbed. The horse, of course, is reflective of the earth element, which symbolizes stability and material manifestations. The fish is reflective of the water element, which symbolizes the subconscious mind, dreams and visions. For those who might consider the two elements of water and earth to be passive and unthreatening should keep two things in mind – tsunamis and mud slides. The … Continue reading

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Mystics Series – The Gryphon Mystic

Encounters with the Unicorn or Phoenix Mystics are almost always in the benefit of other humans. However, there are other mystics that are more dangerous, although I prefer the term challenging and not for the light of heart. One such mystic is the Gryphon Mystic. If you have absorbed the lessons of the Unicorn and Phoenix Mystics, then one should be prepared for the Gryphon Mystic. If not, then I would highly recommend going back to the first two, who have a more gentle and kindly disposition to beginners. Therefore, we will start off with the warnings. The Gryphon is … Continue reading

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Mystics Series – The Phoenix Mystic

In our discussions regarding the Unicorn Mystic, we leaned about the principle of soul truths and that, although we may discover and incorporate soul truths into ourselves, we shouldn’t forget the necessity to protect soul truths and who/what we have become as a result. Revelations of soul truths must be done wisely and with great caution lest those who cannot abide soul truths seek to destroy the mystic; however, we must remember that although we seek to walk in the purity or soul truths and love, we have hoof and horn to protect ourselves and to protect the existence of … Continue reading

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Mystics Series – The Unicorn Mystic

To understand the Unicorn Mystic, one needs to understand the myth and folklore concerning the traits of Unicorns. They are difficult to approach and few humans have the capacity and integrity to spend long periods of time around Unicorns. Unicorns embody the purity of soul truths which is one of the paths of enlightenment and tremendous power. Since they embody soul truths, they can only be approached by those who are ready, willing, and able to receive and project soul truths. As one can imagine, someone who is in deep denial or avoidance would shun, avoid, or sometimes even attempt … Continue reading

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Discernment of Opinions, Facts, and Truth

As with all concepts of the Craft and magickal workings, it remains important to not only understand the concepts themselves, but to also understand the history of those concepts as they have been preserved and presented to us. This study needs to include original and older manuscripts as well as newer writings and interpretations. Unfortunately, I often see references to “facts” as perpetuated from essays that were based on other essays concerning the interpretations and opinions of older manuscripts. While this is expedient time wise, it also perpetuates two concerns with our studies. (1) First, we also lose a great … Continue reading

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Walk Ins – Descended Spirits

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