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Communication and Community Service


Oftentimes in the Pagan and Wiccan Community, we hold our tongues a little too much. In a mundane world where words roll off tongues unconsidered and without discernment, we tend to prefer to speak less with words and phrases of impact. Yet, I think there are some, such as myself, who have perhaps taken this lesson a little too seriously and, as a result, fail to communicate things that should or need to be said. We do this for many reasons. Our societal trend is to speak in absolutes after making quick and hasty judgments so that we can free … Continue reading

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Spiritualism in the Face of Societal Outrage


Up to this point, I have resisted commenting about the Martin/Zimmerman matter and ensuing trial, but the reactions generally and within the Pagan and Wiccan Community have spurred me to address several issues, concerns, and statements that have been raised in response to the event and trial, as well as the growing need for activism in the State of Florida by our Community. Statements that the Martin/Zimmerman matter is an example of society in Florida. Racism is by no means limited to Florida.  Even in reviewing the list of racially related deaths cited by T. Thorn Coyle’s recent article on … Continue reading


More Festival Follies at the Lake Okeechobee Pagan Summer Solstice Festival in Pahokee


After a soggy Thursday, the Lake Okeechobee Pagan Summer Solstice Festival rebounded on Friday for one of the most impressive festival evenings we have attended in Florida. The festival promoters are definitely “Bringing It,” offering foresight of how Florida pagan festivals will be evolving in the future. Before chatting about the frivolities and fun of Thursday and Friday, I wanted to share a couple of really memorable and ironic moments. First Ironic Festival Moment ~ Two local people talking in a restaurant. One asks the other, “Have you gotten any more business with the festival here?” The restaurant owner says, … Continue reading


Letter to the Florida Pagan Community by Peter Dybing

Peter Dybing 2013

Greetings brothers, sisters and kin, Our community has endured much over that last several months, from Pagans having their membership in Masonic lodges revoked, to attacks on the home of a Pagan author to recent threats of protests. Through this entire process the community has banded together, shown support and presented the face of our community as one of love, acceptance and support for our community members. In just a few days the Okeechobee Summer Solstice Festival will take place in Pahokee Florida. It is natural that the surrounding controversy has caused some concern as to what will take place … Continue reading


Thank the Goddess for Pagan Activists ~ Especially for Florida Lately

Peter Selena 2

Florida has been on quite a roll lately.  Aren’t we just the hubbub of activity these days? In April of this year, our good friend and one of the pioneering pagan children’s authors, Kyrja Withers, and her husband underwent severe threatening harassment, which began with people screaming expletives and honking as they drove by, progressing to a pellet gun being fired at her house, and then escalating to two acid bombs being tossed into her front yard. This, of course, would cause any family extreme fear and stress about any further harassment and the level to which it might continue … Continue reading


The Pagan & Wiccan Community and Shifting Paradigms


There is more in this world than us and our connection to the Divinity (in whatever way we choose to view divinity).  There are many layers, flavors, and textures of entities, beings, or energy forces.  It is this understanding that makes Paganism and Wicca a mystery belief system.  There is more than just black and white.  There are shades of grey, if you will for an analogy, between and beyond our own perceptions.  As such, we stretch and strive for a deeper understanding beyond the perceptions and, thus, expand the very boundaries of perceptions further and further.  We strive to … Continue reading


The Faces of Pagan and Wiccan Activism


Earlier, we discussed the history of pagan and Wiccan activism.  Here are some of the faces of our Community activists.  There have been and are so many pagan and Wiccan activists, it’s impossible to list them all, but these are few of the more well-known activists. Remember, We, individually and as a Community, are the best advocates and activists we have.  Remember to vote and support legislation that promotes our rights.  Every day we give a face of our beliefs to the world. Phyllis Curott – Phyllis is an attorney who supports the rights of pagans and Wiccans through The … Continue reading

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