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B is for Bullies ~ Pagan Bullies in the Community (Readers Choice) ~ Pagan Blog Project 2012

Every social group manifested on the mundane has bullies, but sometimes, I think our Community has a special breed because they not only bully on the surface level (emotionally and mentally), but oftentimes they go deeper with psychic bullying and sometimes incorporating chaos workings as a tool to effectuate their bullying. I find it interesting at times, that some people in the Community are unwilling to recognize or call out a bully or admit that they are, in fact, being bullied by another person in the Community. Bullying doesn’t belong in our Community, but that doesn’t mean we should pretend … Continue reading


A is for Activists (Readers Choice) ~ Pagan Blog Project 2012

the letter a copy

A is for Activists (Thanks to Peter Dybing for the Reader’s Choice Subject) I overheard the following statement once:  “Why do we need activists in Paganism and Wicca anyway?  I mean we have a lot of rights.  Religious freedom is in the Constitution in America.  We really don’t need them.”  This was one of those moments when my mouth dropped open and I had to blink several times to assure myself that this is what I heard. I would like to say that I never heard this statement reiterated again, but that’s not true. As paganism and Wicca has rapidly … Continue reading


Thoughts on the Side (Readers Choice) ~ Pagan Blog Project 2012


Oops! My Bad! When starting the Pagan Blog Project, I understood that we would be going through the alphabet twice in the course of a year and choosing subjects based on words beginning with that letter.  With zest and zeal, I mapped out my letters and corresponding subjects for the next six months.  Later as I am posting B for Behave, I realize that everyone else is posting another A subject.  Oops!  My Bad! Or am I? Then *POW* an epiphany.  Sometimes it’s not how we learn from big events in our life, it’s those little things that tend to haunt … Continue reading


B is for Behave ~ Pagan Blog Project 2012


B is for BEHAVE. One of my biggest pet peeves?  People who think that they can misbehave and wreck havoc and chaos on the Community.  Maybe, due to our diversity and the fact that we don’t have “set” rules, some people think they can misbehave however they choose.  Truth is that this is America and you can misbehave any way you want to, BUT we don’t have to allow continued and repeated misbehavior to happen around us. I suppose some people just don’t know how to behave around an open-minded unregulated Community and will turn into Mad Max mode simply … Continue reading


A is for Authentic ~ Pagan Blog Project 2012

the letter a copy

A is for AUTHENTIC When I signed up for the Pagan Blog Project, I thought it would be easy and fun. You go through the letters of the alphabet once a week and use the letter as the motivation for a subject. What could be easier? So many subjects: crystals, herbs, trees, symbolism, etc. from which to choose! Each one offering a plethora of subject material, I could write for years. However, today, I keep thinking about matters of the heart and soul and those attributes that make us who we are and who we want to be. So I … Continue reading