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Phoenix Phyre ~ Spring 2014 & Florida Spring Festival Season

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Festivals by nature are difficult, but to actually reach a balance of interesting excitement while promoting the spiritual embrace of nature isn’t easy. In presenting Phoenix Phyre ~ Spring 2014, the Phoenix Phamily has really taken a proactive approach to the festival in trying to amp up exciting entertainment as well as continuing to maintain that relaxed family feeling of communing with nature. Friday night’s offering was one of Florida’s upcoming favorites, Didges Christ Superdrum (which evolved from the former World Collision group). What really took an awesome concert experience with DCSD to another level was the inclusion of the … Continue reading

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Spiritual Midlife Crisis


Many of us have spent seven to 12 years of our lives become third degree witches (High Priests and High Priestesses) which has required intense dedication and training sometimes in spite of a myriad of distractions and necessities including professions, family needs, and general demands of the mundane world. We learn persistence, determination, and the ability to function spiritually in a variety of stressors that are physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional as a result. At the end of this intense training, those of us who are called to do so turn our attentions to training others and establishing a coven … Continue reading


Announcement to our Beloved Pagan Musicians & Podcasters


PODCASTING PERMISSION NETWORK ~ Previously, I was requesting podcast permissions from the musicians interviewed on the website as a courtesy for my podcaster friends. Basically, I send the musicians a separate form email during the interview process and request that they forward their acknowledgement of permission to play their music during a podcast. If you want to be a part of this podcasting network for permission to play their music, please contact me at If you are one of the previous podcasters, please let me know if you wish to continue to be a part of our permission network … Continue reading

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World Collision & Didges Christ SuperDrum ~ New Pagan Musicians Series April 2012

World Collision 6

World Collision fuses instruments and rhythms from around the world and delivers powerful new music, packed with energy and emotion blending the world of tribal rhythms with progressive modern Rock and Roll.  Band members consist of Jett (lead vocals, percussion, lyricist), ObiShawnKenobi a/k/a Shawn Bowen (guitar, harmonium, electric sitar, hammered dulcimer, tank drum, flutes, tongue drum, shahi baaja, bamboo sax, backing vocals), Bezl (drums, percussion, bass, backing vocals), Chuck West (bassist extrodinaire), and Jeremy Lembo (Didgeridoo, Flutes, Bamboo Sax, Drums, Percussion and a whole bunch more). Didges Christ is an offshoot band consisting of Shawn Bowen and Jeremy Lembo from World Collision … Continue reading

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Beltana Spellsinger ~ New Pagan Musicans Series ~ April 2012

Beltana 1b

Beltana Spellsinger (“Bel”) is kicking off our New Pagan Musicians Series for 28 days (lunar cycle, you know) during the month of April.  Although Beltana started out singing, playing, touring and recording with SONA throughout the United States Midwest, she then went onto fronting a female pagan band called BellaWyck. Her latest incarnation, however, has been her venture as a solo artist oftentimes backed by her own band called Spellsinger. Bel comes by her name honestly as her April 30th is her birthday. After hearing her magickal voice many years ago, someone once told her that her she was a … Continue reading

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Pagan Music News Weekly (March 30, 2012) ~ Damh the Bard, Kellianna, Lolly Jane Blue & The Hunters, Beltaine’s Fire, Vixy & Tony


Pagan Music News Weekly (March 30, 2012) Damh the Bard, Kellianna, Jane Blue & The Hunters (f/k/a Lolly Jane Blue), Beltaine’s Fire, Vixy & Tony Generally, the past two weeks seemed to inspire a lot of new video releases by our artists.  I’m not sure if it was the Ostara energy wave, but we get to enjoy the result regardless of the source of inspiration. The really big news of the week, however, is the upcoming New Pagan Musicians Series in April 2012 here on the website. Be sure to visit daily and to give our love and support to … Continue reading

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Meet my Musicians! ~ Kicking off the New Pagan Musicians Series ~ April 2012


Welcome to the kickoff of the New Pagan Musicians Series here at  Beginning the first day of April and continuing for 28 days (a lunar cycle), I’ll be sharing with you some amazingly talented new musicians and bands that have emerged in the past five years or so. To kick it off as a warm-up, I’m going to share some information about the series and how the musicians were chosen. What was the criteria for choosing musicians and bands for the new series? First, the musician or band had to have released its first CD sometime within the past … Continue reading

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