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Progress Note to the Florida Pagan & Wiccan Community (06/30/14)

Element Fire 2

First of all, apologies for the recent delays regarding telephone calls and proceeding with the focus group to help organize an advisory group available to the Florida Pagan and Wiccan Community. I have had several personal and family health issues to contend with, however, I assure everyone that I am completely committed to this process and intend to continue to make best efforts in making it a realization although I may have previously underestimated the amount of time it requires. On a side note (which actually has nothing to do with the focus/advisory group other than a possible misconception or … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Circle

Elephant 002

When you see performing elephants, do you ever wonder why those elephants don’t break free from their ropes or chains more often?  Certainly, they have the strength to do so, but they don’t. The reason is that when they are very small, trainers have tied heavy ropes about their necks and feet. The baby elephant pulls and pulls and tries every which way to get free.  However, because they are not strong enough at that age, they eventually accept into their mind that they are unable to do so.  That conditioned mindset continues into their adulthood.  While they may tug … Continue reading

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Progress Note to the Florida Community (06/02/2014)


I’m spending the majority of time on the phone in recent days with many, many respected and long term members in the Pagan and Wiccan Community. Despite my pain and fatigue issues, I have and continue to be dedicated to this process. Other than previously planned birthday celebrations this past weekend, the majority of my time has spent in seeking the opinions and wisdoms of others in the Community and asking for patience in the process. Unfortunately, the downside is that due to time constraints of making so many phone calls is that I do not have the time to … Continue reading


To My Beloved Florida Community ~~

In recent days, I have made my personal Facebook page a place where everyone’s opinion can be heard under the conditions that the discussions remained productive and mature and that personal attacks against each other would not be appropriate. The various matters being discussed in the Community are heated and passionate. They are, I believe, also necessary and every person needs to know that their position and opinion is being heard, read, and respected. This, I have tried to offer. However, there are other comments and actions involving other forums and threads that are causing me great sadness. Those are … Continue reading


The Pagan Genesis

In the beginning, there was one Great Spirit. Whether that one Great Spirit was one amongst other Great Spirits is beyond our knowing, but we do know there was one Great Spirit. The Great Spirit had all knowledge as the collective stories of men tell us. Our teachings tell us “As above, so below. As within, so without.” So we can look at our yearning to strive beyond ourselves, our desire for adventure, and our need to evolve in order to understand that the Great Spirit also had those yearnings. Yet what would one with all knowledge need in order … Continue reading

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Spiritual Midlife Crisis


Many of us have spent seven to 12 years of our lives become third degree witches (High Priests and High Priestesses) which has required intense dedication and training sometimes in spite of a myriad of distractions and necessities including professions, family needs, and general demands of the mundane world. We learn persistence, determination, and the ability to function spiritually in a variety of stressors that are physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional as a result. At the end of this intense training, those of us who are called to do so turn our attentions to training others and establishing a coven … Continue reading


Communication and Community Service


Oftentimes in the Pagan and Wiccan Community, we hold our tongues a little too much. In a mundane world where words roll off tongues unconsidered and without discernment, we tend to prefer to speak less with words and phrases of impact. Yet, I think there are some, such as myself, who have perhaps taken this lesson a little too seriously and, as a result, fail to communicate things that should or need to be said. We do this for many reasons. Our societal trend is to speak in absolutes after making quick and hasty judgments so that we can free … Continue reading

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