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Whom Do You Serve? Part 3a – Choosing a Patron God or Goddess

Choosing a patron god or goddess is not simple or easy work. You may hear that it is, but it’s not. This process is crucial to your future, your workings, and all those around you. It should never be done lightly or with minimal thought or education. When someone wants to consult with me, the very first thing I really want to know is who their patron god or goddess is. This very simple question tells me automatically what type of energy overshadows them and is working either for or against them. Sometimes the answer they are looking for is … Continue reading


Whom Do You Serve? Part 2 – Gods And Goddesses (Aspects & Archetypes)

Within most pantheons, there are several types of gods and goddesses, most of which are connected or associated with communal archetypes or aspects, i.e., the lover, the hunter, the maiden, the mother, the father, the crone, the wise man. One of the wonderful aspects of paganism and wicca is that each individual retains the ability to define their perception of the gods and goddesses. Some view the gods as actual personalities. In other words, Zeus is Zeus individually within himself. Some believe them to be an aspect or portion of one entirety or universal consciousness. Demeter is a more focused … Continue reading

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Whom Do You Serve? ~ Part 1 – Welcome to the Pantheon

You will often hear about pagan and wytches referencing their Gods. For outsiders and newbies, it seems rather a simple approach that should be similar to other modern religions, but it’s far more complex than it appears at first blush. Most modern religions (such as Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim) take control and responsibility for selecting the god you will commune with and, in fact, your choice is often limited to one. Not so in paganism or Wicca. We take the approach that we choose our gods as our gods choose you. (Another layer of the old saying, “As above, So … Continue reading