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Pagan Music News Weekly (March 9, 2012) ~ Dead Can Dance, Sharon Knight/Pandemonaeon, SJ Tucker, Spiral Dance, Kellianna, Heather Dale, World Collision/Didges Christ Superdrum

Pagan Music News Weekly (March 9, 2012) Dead Can Dance, Sharon Knight/Pandemonaeon, SJ Tucker, World Collision/Didges Christ Superdrum, Spiral Dance, Kellianna, Heather Dale, RaZor Skyline, Siesta Key Drumming Circle, Jason Pitzl-Waters of A Darker Shade of Pagan, Pandemonaeon, Tombo Studio, Morpheus, Anaar, Zeeza. Dead Can Dance ~ Major excitement for all the Dead Can Dance fans, the band has announced that they are coming to the U.S. this year. The only date on their website is August 27th at the Filene Center in Virginia, but they have suggested that more U.S. tour dates are being added. Be sure to check … Continue reading

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Upcoming Festivals – Florida Pagan & Wiccan Scene (Spring 2012) Phoenix Phyre & FPG

Phoenix Phyre (03/21 – 03/25/12 Lakeland, Florida) Over the years, Phoenix Phyre has changed locations throughout the State of Florida in past years, but has seemed to settle into Lakelad, which is more convenient for South Florida Pagans & Wiccans. Last time I attended this festival, we found ourselves just over the state line into Georgia.  Phoenix Phyre has always tended to attract a strong elder (“wise ones” not old people) base from the Community and we have a wonderful time catching up with old friends we hadn’t seen in a long, long time as well as meeting many more new friends. The Fall main … Continue reading


S.J. Tucker ~ 28 Pagan Musicians in 28 Days Series 2012

Tucker 2

And for the last day of this Pagan Music Series, we simply had to feature S. J. Tucker (a/k/a Sooj, Skinny White Chick).  She has an amazing powerhouse voice that inspires almost every audience member to get up on their feet and dance to her songs and melodies. Sooj is a North American singer-songwriter from Arkansas. In 1999, she formed her first band called Skinny White Chick. Her first album, Haphazard, was released in 2005, and she has provided the Pagan and Wiccan Community with a steady stream of albums through to her recent 2011 release of Rootless. She is also well-known on … Continue reading