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Phoenix Phyre Ostara 2012 ~ Friday 03/23/12


On Friday morning, I got a chance to get my bones moving in some fashion again after consuming several cups of coffee.  One of the many nice perks at Phoenix Phyre is that a drip coffee pot is available at the First Aid tent so you can run by and grab a quick cup while you are waiting for your own pot to brew.  I asked Drew, the Events Coordinator of the festival, about the coffee and he indicated that the Phoenix Phamily had determined that coffee was a medical necessity and I completely agree.  A good cup of coffee … Continue reading

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Phoenix Phyre Ostara 2012 ~ Thursday 03/22/12

Viking 4

Thursday night at the Phoenix Phyre Ostara Festival, we attended a Viking Sumbel hosted by our new friend, Leraje. The Sumbel consists of a series of “toasts” and is one of the most common celebrations for Vikings to perform for a variety of occasions including the greeting of guests in order to strengthen the bond in the Community. The various toasts gives everyone an opportunity to get to know some basic information about each other as well as their beliefs and moral codes. Leraje presented a rather large and impressive horn for the toasting and explained the usual sequence during Sumbels. … Continue reading

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