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Walking with Spirits Series – Part 11

The Proper Care and Feeding of Your New Seer, cont. TRANCES – Some Seers go into trances (sometimes referred to as Trancers). With that statement, I probably just conjured up a lot of images of séances and mediums with black turbans swooning and speaking in strange languages. Throw in a crystal ball and a few floating bells and that image should be complete. Now that we have that image firmly fixed, let’s just let it go. The majority of Trancers don’t do that. As with everything else we discuss, there are layers of trance work. Some very deep wherein the … Continue reading


Walking with Spirits Series – Part 10

The Proper Care and Feeding of Your New Seer, cont. NEGS AND NEGATIVE VISIONS – Almost every seer at some point will have a negative vision or interpretation. That can be frightening at times. However, it is important to remember that sometimes visions are symbolic. If the tower card represents destruction in the house for a seer, then a vision or dream of a burning castle might mean a broken appliance and not exactly a burning house fire. First, that when dealing with symbolism, not all things are exactly what they appear to be on the surface. The ability to … Continue reading

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Walking with Spirits Series – Part 9

The Proper Care and Feeding of Your New Seer I find it an interesting that whenever people come together in a metaphysical group or coven, there are usually at least four roles that emerge. Sometimes, one person may have a dual role or more than one person will hold the same position, but these roles still tend to emerge: (1) leader or dual leadership, (2) guardian or protector, (3) healer, and (4) a seer. The people who fill these positions may not be highly trained yet or established, but they still seem to gravitate into these roles. It seems to … Continue reading

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Walking with Spirits Series – Part 8

Where do they get that information? Seeing and Sight is a bit of a misnomer, because it actually refers to psychic sight or third eye sight rather than physical eyesight. To my understanding, some Seers actually physically see spirits. Some see spirits in their mind’s eye. Some just have a strong knowing that does not really connect with any of the normal five senses. There are many theories regarding the source of the Sight and from where the Source generates or knowledge is found. Before, we look at these theories, we are going to take a quick look at how … Continue reading

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Walking with Spirits Series – Part 7

Seer Communications In the mundane world, people have pretty clear cut definitions that they can follow. There is reality and there is the imaginary. They develop in life with an understanding of this and they have RELIABILITY of the physical around them. There are external noises and there is the internal mind chatter. What you see, you can usually touch. What you can touch, you can usually see. Smells can be traced to a source. It really is a lovely system of RELIABILITY. Most Seers, however, do not get to enjoy that gift. It is something that is sacrificed simply … Continue reading

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Walking with Spirits Series – Part 6

How do Seers do what they do? If you have looked at the listing of Seer Slang in my blog, you will see that there are many ways that psychic and Seer abilities can manifest. Also, in this series, we have covered the fact that even though everyone might have the potential for psychic interactions, it does not make them a Seer. So how does an established Seer do what they do? Despite the various methods, the abilities of Seers can be divided into two different categories and varying degrees between the two: (1) active and (2) passive. Passive abilities … Continue reading

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Walking with Spirits Series – Part 5

We Don’t Need Any Meddlesome Seers Around Here? Oh, Really? Having an ability that is different than most people changes a person. Growing up with such a distinction changes a person. Living with such a distinction and having to hide it in the face of society changes a person. By virtue of that one distinction alone, a person is automatically (whether they express it or hide it), altered from the normal course or life and development in “society”. We may appear like we are just like everyone else, but we are not. It is similar to the plight of the … Continue reading

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