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Stand My Ground – Within Temptation

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The Path of Healers in the Craft

Back in the day, there were no “Reiki” lessons or crystal healing classes available like there is now. Occasionally, if you were lucky to be in a somewhat metropolitan area that had a “counterculture” hub, then there might be a few yoga classes or a few reclaiming herbalism classes. What we basically had was “spiritual healing”. Sort of like being thrown into a pool of water and not knowing how to swim and hoping that you didn’t drown yourself or someone else while you were figuring it out. If you were fortunate, as I was, then you had an experienced … Continue reading


The Thing About Seers

I have also been very contemplative lately. I got another comment that someone wished they had the same abilities as me. Sigh. No they don’t. Really, they don’t. It is very difficult in terms of societal and personal relationships. At first, they think it’s neat you know stuff about other people, but then they realize the common fear that you might “know” things about about THEM. When someone realizes you have some kind of abilities, you have a pretty good chance of them looking at you almost as if you are an invasion of privacy. Sometimes, they avoid you because … Continue reading

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Spirit Chatter, Headaches, and Loud Talkers

Today, I have a headache. The spirit world has been very loud and chatty today. I notice that when certain alignments occur and dead dudes are more communicative, the living begin talking louder and faster as if they are competing with another person to be heard even though most of them don’t ever realize what they are competing again. Of course, we cannot forget the non-dead spirits that communicate as well. Funny part is that you can shield the dead dudes and the spirit communications, but the living can be far less polite and when they are competing with elevated … Continue reading

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Ramblings on an Elder Wytch

What I particularly find annoying is others trying to force their perception of who and what I am on me and trying to make me conform to their perception to “prove” worthiness. I don’t ask or expect anyone to accept, follow or agree with everything I say. In fact, it’s creepy when someone does that. Honestly, I already know who and what I am and where I am going. If someone else doesn’t know for themselves, I think better time would be spent on finding those answers for themselves rather than getting off track by focusing on every little thing … Continue reading

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Serving in Her Garden

Serving in Her Garden I have always taught that everyone travels their own path even if they are with a group. The benefits of being in a group, pack or coven is that there are others who may specialize in areas which are not your area of strength and so that you can offer your area of strength to facilitate their growth in their areas of weakness with the ultimate goal that no one has a weakness. The group setting is supposed to be fertile ground for each member to grow in. There is no point where anyone should stop … Continue reading

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Attacked by Trolls

I was attacked by trolls. Sometimes, it is important for us to make those simple admissions. I was attacked by trolls. I am well educated and a pretty smart cookie in seeing the big picture usually. I have to say that I am usually pretty good at sensing these things and avoiding, combatting, or deflating them before it becomes serious, but they were good and they were tricky. I will witness to you the fact that no matter how long in this lifetime or in past lifetimes you have been on the Path and no matter how far you have … Continue reading