Florida Festivals ~ Ostara Nights 03/21-03/21/12 in Bonita Springs, Florida

If you are in the Southwest area of Florida or planning on being down there this weekend, you can’t go wrong with going to Ostara Night, which is facilitated by the same folks that present Beltaine Flame and Yule Like It. You’ll have to register at the front gate since the festival has already begun, but it’s a worthwhile trip.

I haven’t personally had an opportunity to visit their festivals yet, but my many wonderful friends in the area tell me it’s amazing and that they have really enjoyed their experience with evening concerts ramping up the Ostara energies and the performances
If I didn’t have longstanding plans to visit Phoenix Phyre, I would have loved to have visited the Ostara Nights to visit with my wonderful friends with the tribal band, World Collision, who are down from the Sarasota area to perform this weekend. World Collision fuses instruments and rhythms from around the world. Many of the instruments are hand crafted and the vocals deliver melodies that wake the dead and make dancers of the living. Their music blends the world of the drum circle rhythms with the modern grind of Rock and Roll as the Shaman dances and turns the volume all the way up with World Collision! In addition, the dancers (Marguerite Barnett, Devonne LaBonte, and Trish Luttrell) entice, bedazzle, and intrigue everyone with their artistic performances.

Also, be sure to stop by and visit my personal friend, Kyrja with Rupert’s Tales. Rupert’s Tales has been a longstanding inspiration and friend to pagan children at festivals across Florida and in this new story-time workshop as he meets God and Goddess in their springtime forms to teach him more about the Wheel of the Year and why Ostara is a very special time. Our second story is a tale of dragonflies and how they help Rupert to learn about reducing, reusing and recycling. Become a Friend of Rupert by singing along with Kyrja about bubbles, birds and wriggly things! Many surprises are in store for everyone who joins us.

If you need more information, visit the website at www.ostaranights.com.

Afterwards, be sure to drop me an email at meadmuse@hotmail.com and let me know about your experiences.

Muwah! Mead Muse

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