Mystics Series – The Gryphon Mystic

Encounters with the Unicorn or Phoenix Mystics are almost always in the benefit of other humans. However, there are other mystics that are more dangerous, although I prefer the term challenging and not for the light of heart. One such mystic is the Gryphon Mystic. If you have absorbed the lessons of the Unicorn and Phoenix Mystics, then one should be prepared for the Gryphon Mystic. If not, then I would highly recommend going back to the first two, who have a more gentle and kindly disposition to beginners. Therefore, we will start off with the warnings.

The Gryphon is a combination of (usually) two creatures: the eagle and the lion. Both are strong predators by nature and neither they nor their mystics should be approached lightheartedly. The first and most critical lesson regarding the Gryphon or the Gryphon Mystic is never run or make sudden, jerky movements. When dealing with any herald, totem, or mystic that is in tune with any strong predator instincts, running may trigger the predator instinct over the higher natures of those beings. If you wish to avoid an encounter with them or their mystics, do not make direct, consistent eye contact and walk away slowly without any threatening gestures.

The safest way to approach the Gryphon and their mystics is to have MASTERED THE STRENGTH CARD. The Strength card reflects a lady, whom through the embodiment of the inner strength of love and compassion, can place her hand upon the head of the lion. There are more lessons to the Strength card, but if you are of a panicky nature or cannot draw on your inner strength in times of great need, do not venture into the lessons of the predators until you do.

That being said, we will now look at the basics of the Gryphon. The eagle is a symbol of the element of Air, whilst the lion is the symbol of the element of Fire. If you go to any hospital, you will see that open flames are not permitted around oxygen tanks. This is because an improper mixing of the two causes…EXPLOSIONS – big ones and deadly ones. Air and Fire are the most active and dangerous forces of the elements. While the earth and water can be dangerous, they are, in their natural state, not as active or mobile as Air and Fire. Remember to always look for the elemental bases of things first. They will give you important clues about the nature of what you are dealing with. Although, the combination can be explosive (if improperly mixed or used), this combination also generates immense power and strength, but if you are manifesting anything in this combination, it must be a measured and controlled force or, quite frankly, you could die if you dabble unprepared.

Just a side note about why I am sharing about the mystics. In the past, the mystics and other magickal workers were fairly isolated by the dictates of geography. However, as we have become more mobile and more social with each other at gatherings and such, the chances of encountering the mystics are increased. It gives the mystics more of an opportunity to meet seekers, harmonize, and answer calls to serve in the highest and most effective manner that they can. However, while this is beneficial overall, it also leaves more individuals unprepared and unaware of whom they are encountering. Some, as we are beginning to see, are not the most gentle and tender. Therefore, knowledge trumps ignorant actions.

The eagle represents the highest nature of air, which are the mind and clear vision. The double headed eagle represents clear vision of both the future and past. Thus, the double eagle is often used by royalty as being a symbol of wisdom and discernment in relation to the bigger picture, both of which are necessary to the highest and best expressions of leadership. Three headed or tripled nature anything generally represents the past, present, and future. The lion representing the higher aspects of fire, which are dedication to the family, strength, protection, and defense. The lion is dedicated and loyal to its pride and their survival, especially under harsh conditions and situations.

Therefore, the gryphon represents the highest use of strength and force with clarity of vision. The Gryphon Mystic seeks wisdom and knowledge, but has little patience for untruths, impractical or trivia conversations that have no purpose to the higher vision.

Occasionally, the Gryphon is also represented as having the tail of a fish or water element serpentine tail. In these cases, the Gryphon has also incorporated the higher aspects of water and love into its nature.

In mythology, Gryphons do not like horses. This is symbolic of horses being attached to the earth element and in this situation represents (for the Gryphon) an over attachment to the material and stagnant mind. One thing the Gryphon does not hold close to its heart is stagnation or inflexibility. It has no patience for impermeable souls and minds. It will use its claws and beak to break those chains that bind you. If you have no desire or ability for freedom or to be “out of the box”, it can be quite a shattering experience. Similar to a horse being in a paddock and barn all its life. The Gryphon will pick it up and drop it in an uninhabited wilderness. Though the horse is shocked and dismayed to find that all things familiar have been removed, the Gryphon has placed it in a, albeit unwilling and undesired, position of being true to its nature and what it is.

The Gryphon, however, since it is the vision of the highest forces of Air and Fire, are not generally aggressive without purpose or without being provoked. So they and their mystics are good and loyal companions (provided you do not cling to a stagnant nature).

Brightest of Blessings!
(repost 2009)

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