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Festivals & Events

Pagan & Wiccan Festivals & Events
Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Other States
If you would like a festival added or suggestion, please send an email to with the date and event name in the subject area and include any website or link information in the body of the email.  Thank you.

Click on the following links to go to listings for your state:

Sabbats 2013:

  • Imbolc ~ 02/02/13 Saturday
  • Ostara / Spring Equinox ~ 03/20/13 Wednesday
  • Beltaine ~ 05/01/13 Wednesday
  • Litha / Midsummer/Summer Solstice ~ 06/21/13 Friday
  • Lughnasadh – 08/01/13 Thursday
  • Mabon / Autumn Equinox ~ 09/22/13 Sunday
  • Samhain ~ 10/31/13 Thursday
  • Yule / Winter Solstice ~ 12/21/13 Saturday

Sabbats 2014:

  • Candlemas / Imbolc ~ 02/02/14 Sunday
  • Ostara / Spring Equinox ~ 03/20/14 Thursday
  • Beltaine ~ 05/01/14 Thursday
  • Litha  Midsummer / Summer Solstice ~ 06/21/14 Saturday
  • Lammas / Lughnassadh ~ 08/01/14 Friday
  • Mabon / Autumn Equinox ~ 09/23/14 Tuesday
  • Samhain ~ 10/31/14 Friday
  • Yule / Winter Solstice ~ 12/21/14 Sunday

Full Moons 2013:

  • January 26th ~~ Wolf Moon
  • February 25th ~~ Snow Moon
  • March 27th ~~ Worm Moon
  • April 25th ~~ Pink Moon
  • May 25th ~~ Flower Moon
  • June 23rd ~~ Strawberry Moon
  • July 22nd ~~ Thunder Moon
  • August 20th ~~ Sturgeon Moon
  • September 19th ~~ Harvest Moon
  • October 18th ~~ Hunter’s Moon
  • November 17th ~~ Beaver Moon
  • December 17th ~~ Cold Moon

Full Moons 2014:

  • January 1st ~~ Wolf Moon
  • February 14th ~~ Snow Moon
  • March 16th ~~ Worm Moon
  • April 29th ~~ Pink Moon
  • May 28th ~~ Flower Moon
  • June 27th ~~ Strawberry Moon
  • July 26th ~~ Thunder Moon
  • August 25th ~~ Sturgeon Moon
  • September 24th ~~ Harvest Moon
  • October 23rd ~~ Hunter’s Moon
  • November 22nd ~~ Beaver Moon
  • December 22nd ~~ Cold Moon

To My Beloved Florida Community ~~

In recent days, I have made my personal Facebook page a place where everyone’s opinion can be heard under the conditions that the discussions remained productive and mature and that personal attacks against each other would not be appropriate. The various matters being discussed in the Community are heated and passionate. They are, I believe, also necessary and every person needs to know that their position and opinion is being heard, read, and respected. This, I have tried to offer. However, there are other comments and actions involving other forums and threads that are causing me great sadness. Those are … Continue reading


More Florida Controversy ~ FPG / Frosts Protests

Facebook and the internet is now abuzz regarding the Frosts attending the Florida Pagan Gathering (FPG) this year in an “unofficial” position. They are not listed on the FPG website as headliners and FPG representatives have stated that they are not official headliners.  Other Community members, however, claim that they have all the presentation and standing of an official headliner including presenting workshops during the upcoming festival and, as such, are being held in the position as being reflective of the Florida Pagan & Wiccan Community and FPG because of their appearance at FPG. (*This article is regarding the progression of the events surrounding … Continue reading


Open Letter to the Florida Pagan & Wiccan Community

As a somewhat prominent pagan figure was arrested for child pornography, I have watched the impact ripple through like a tsunami in the Pagan and Wiccan Community. The impact has saddened and troubled the Community deeply and has turned its focus on so many other issues including those regarding how the Community handles and addresses these types of issues before, during, and afterwards. It is very troublesome seeing how the actions of one person have impacted the Community as a whole, as well as it is having in our Florida Community. (I assume something similar is going on in other … Continue reading


Phoenix Phyre ~ Spring 2014 & Florida Spring Festival Season

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Festivals by nature are difficult, but to actually reach a balance of interesting excitement while promoting the spiritual embrace of nature isn’t easy. In presenting Phoenix Phyre ~ Spring 2014, the Phoenix Phamily has really taken a proactive approach to the festival in trying to amp up exciting entertainment as well as continuing to maintain that relaxed family feeling of communing with nature. Friday night’s offering was one of Florida’s upcoming favorites, Didges Christ Superdrum (which evolved from the former World Collision group). What really took an awesome concert experience with DCSD to another level was the inclusion of the … Continue reading

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Celebrities and Super Fans

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Besides a sense of community, reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, and sharing memories, techniques, entertainment, and communing with nature, what makes Pagan festivals and gatherings so individually and personally wonderful is that they are often fertile ground for self-realizations and epiphanies. It’s an opportunity to gain insights and wisdoms from others as well as the opportunity to be more easily connected with the Gods and spiritual guides. I have rarely left one without some point of enlightenment or, at the least, germinating one which comes to fruition at a later point. Unfortunately, I came into Phoenix Phyre with … Continue reading


Phoenix Phyre 2014 Pagan Gathering Festival ~ Lakeland, Florida

KODAK Digital Still Camera

On Wednesday, Phoenix Phyre kicked off its Spring 2014 festival. Unfortunately, the mundane had me in its jealous grip and we were unable to get on the road until Thursday afternoon. After grabbing a catnap at Kelli’s nearby home, we decided to pop in to Phoenix around 10 p.m. just to grab a flavor of the festival before returning on Friday to set up a napping tent on site. We have been going to Phoenix for many, many years and it has always been one of my favorite Florida festivals where pagans and witches can just kick back their feet … Continue reading


Communication and Community Service


Oftentimes in the Pagan and Wiccan Community, we hold our tongues a little too much. In a mundane world where words roll off tongues unconsidered and without discernment, we tend to prefer to speak less with words and phrases of impact. Yet, I think there are some, such as myself, who have perhaps taken this lesson a little too seriously and, as a result, fail to communicate things that should or need to be said. We do this for many reasons. Our societal trend is to speak in absolutes after making quick and hasty judgments so that we can free … Continue reading

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