Pagan Music News Weekly 03/02/12 ~ Sully Erna/Godsmack, Coyote Run, Kellianna, Spirit of Albion/Damh the Bard, Hornswaggle, Mortal Rose

Pagan Music News Weekly (March 2, 2012) 
Sully Erna/Godsmack, Coyote Run, Kellianna, Spirit of Albion/Damh the Bard, Hornswaggle, Mortal Rose

SULLY ERNA ~ (waits for the squealing from the crowd to die down) . . . Yes, Sully Erna just announced new solo tour dates at his website (waits for more of the squealing to die down).  The tour dates are in the northeast part of the country (waits for the northeastern crowd to stop squealing), BUT he also teases us a little bit more than usual by telling us that more dates are to be announced (and the whole crowd starts squealing again).  It’s way too easy to get ya’ll worked up.  *giggles*

Anyway, Godsmack’s tour dates for 2012 are available as well, so if you can’t get to see Sully on his solo, try popping into one of the Godsmack concerts.  Just an extra note to the Florida Pagans and Wiccans, Godsmack is coming to Florida next month to Orlando and Estero (with the band Staind).  I saw there were still tickets available and a few “meet the band” tickets as well. So hop on your broomsticks if you can and be sure to catch the show!

COYOTE RUN (** SAD FACE **) ~ Coyote Run is on its last run.  According to the website, the band is finishing its final tour with the last concert on July 28, 2012, in Virginia.  I’ll try to catch up with the bandmembers and see if we can get some more information about whether there are any new solo projects planned for the future. 

In the meantime, we salute each and everyone of them and thank them for the wonderful music they brought to us individually and to the Community.  And who can blame us for hoping that there will be a reunion in a few years?

Coyote Run: Ten Years Running - A Retrospective

KELLIANNA Kellianna shared that she is currently in production of her new album The Ancient Ones and the release date is set for May.  It looked like there might be a slow down in the recording, but the Community rallied and made enough pre-orders of the CD so that she didn’t have to slow her faerie wings down one bit.  (Muwah to the Community!).

Kellianna is very beloved by the Community and if you want the opportunity to pre-order your copy of the CD for $22, be sure to visit her website and place your order.

Kellianna: Elemental

NEW PAGANS SERIES ~ As you know I’m looking for new and upcoming Pagan and Wiccan bands (Click here if you have a suggestion for more information), but I’m going to give everyone a sneak peek at an amazing group that crossed my path called Hornswaggle. Be sure to check back to hear about other amazing new and upcoming Pagan and Wiccan bands.  In the meantime, let’s give Hornswaggle a like on their Facebook Page to give them some encouragement while they are recording their first album!

SPIRIT OF ALBION DVD (with Music by Damh the Bard) ~ Saw a little tweet by Gary Andrews that pre-orders of the DVD can now be made through the website at  Here’s a trailer to give you a flavor:

Damh the Bard: Tales from the Crow Man

MORTAL ROSE ~ With Pagan and Wiccan music, occassionally you run across an artist or band and you wonder how you didn’t know about them before.  Mortal Rose is one of those bands.  I “discovered” this video and contacted the lead vocalist who advised me that the band disbanded in 2004 due to some serious health concerns.  However, I did want to take the opportunity to share this song so that we can give a moment to all the Pagan and Wiccan musicians and bands that slipped under the radar. Best wishes to all the bandmembers of Mortal Rose! Hail and thank you!


If you have any pagan music news you would like to share, be sure to drop me an email at

Muwah & Remember Don’t Ride Broomsticks under the Influence!  Mead

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