Pagan Music News Weekly (March 9, 2012) ~ Dead Can Dance, Sharon Knight/Pandemonaeon, SJ Tucker, Spiral Dance, Kellianna, Heather Dale, World Collision/Didges Christ Superdrum

Pagan Music News Weekly (March 9, 2012)
Dead Can Dance, Sharon Knight/Pandemonaeon, SJ Tucker, World Collision/Didges Christ Superdrum, Spiral Dance, Kellianna, Heather Dale, RaZor Skyline, Siesta Key Drumming Circle, Jason Pitzl-Waters of A Darker Shade of Pagan, Pandemonaeon, Tombo Studio, Morpheus, Anaar, Zeeza.

Dead Can Dance ~ Major excitement for all the Dead Can Dance fans, the band has announced that they are coming to the U.S. this year. The only date on their website is August 27th at the Filene Center in Virginia, but they have suggested that more U.S. tour dates are being added. Be sure to check their website for these dates. Tickets for this concert go on sale March 24th.

S.J. Tucker (Sooj, Skinny White Chick) ~ Sooj has just released another amazing video of her song Neptune! (And the pagan crowds roars in excitement!).  In addition, she has a lot of upcoming concerts for March and April including Arkansas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Utah, and Washington.  (Boy, she does get around, doesn’t she?) Anyway, some of these concerts are with Heather Dale, so you have an opportunity to see two great Pagan musicians. Check here site HERE to go to her website for more detais on her concert schedule.

Sharon Knight / Pandemonaeon / RaZor Skyline ~Sharon is heading out to Hexenfest Friday night from 8:00 to 1:30 in Oakland, California. Try to stop by if you can, it should be an amazing event introduced by MC and DJ Jason Pitzl-Waters from the A Darker Shade of Pagan podcast, and also features live music by Pandemonaeon and RaZor Skyline, a dark fashion show by Tombo Studio, and bellydance performances by Morpheus and Anaar.

Spiral Dance ~ The band has several upcoming concerts, but one of note is the April 29th concert at Wheatsheaf Hotel, George Street, Thebarton in Adelaide. The band says they might be launching a new CD at this event which is always great news to their fans.

Kellianna ~ This week was Kellianna’s birthday, so we say Happy Reincarnation Day to Kellianna and send her brightest blessings for this upcoming year and sing a round of Happy Reincarnation Day to her.

World Collision, Didges Christ SuperDrum, and HuDost ~ Here’s a video from the recent Siesta Key Drum Circle in Sarasota, Florida, that has been happening an hour before sunset every Sunday, rain or shine, on Siesta Key in Florida for over 15 years now. A regular from the very beginning, Marguerite Barnett, uses her new GoPro camera to take you on a whirl around the circle as she does every Sunday. I hear you will often see her with a sword balanced on her head no less. Marguerite regularly performs with the bands World Collision, Didges Christ SuperDrum, and HuDost. If you want an opportunity to meet some of the band members, pop into the Siesta Key Drum Circle and say hello and enjoy the drumming. For more information, click HERE. Otherwise, be sure to look for the New Pagan Musicians Series starting in April for a closer look at World Collision and Didges Christ SuperDrum.

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