Pagans of Distinction Society (PDS)

The Pagans of Distinction Society (PDS) is a philanthropic society dedicated to the betterment of the pagan community. PDS and its members do not directly accept funds from individuals on behalf of PDS, but focuses on the assistance and coordination of individual financial contributions and service efforts in support of and between various organizations and to the betterment of the pagan community.

PDS is currently in the process of offering scholarships by individual members for attendance at certain pagan gatherings for those in financial need who would not otherwise be able to attend. Announcements of the PDS Scholarships and process for requesting consideration for the scholarships will be made in the near future.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a scholarship, please feel free to contact me at DO NOT SEND ANY FUNDS DIRECTLY TO ME. Scholarship contributions will be made directly to the gathering organizations.

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  1. Do you have a domain name for the group? I could get behind this. :-D

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