Phoenix Phyre Ostara 2012 ~ Friday 03/23/12

On Friday morning, I got a chance to get my bones moving in some fashion again after consuming several cups of coffee.  One of the many nice perks at Phoenix Phyre is that a drip coffee pot is available at the First Aid tent so you can run by and grab a quick cup while you are waiting for your own pot to brew.  I asked Drew, the Events Coordinator of the festival, about the coffee and he indicated that the Phoenix Phamily had determined that coffee was a medical necessity and I completely agree.  A good cup of coffee properly timed in the morning has kept many, many people from being harmed by non-morning people like myself.  *giggles*  (Just a little side note, coffee actually is extremely beneficial for asthmatics and migraine relief, by the way.)

After our coffee consumption reached an acceptable level, several of us from our Festival Tribe, The Abyss, headed on down to vendors row.  (Hugs and kisses to my good friends, Lauren and Kelli who meandered with me.  Muwah!)  We have several pictures of some of the vendors and I’ll provide them later when we get them uploaded with names and contact information.

I did get to spend a few moments with the amazing and charming Grandmother Elspeth, who has practically become a “Living Legend” in the Community with her 82 years in this lifetime.  Grandmother Elspeth (also known as “the Crone on the Road,”) gives straight forward advice and earth-based “mountain wisdom”, along with a tale or two to those who stop by to speak to her when she’s vending or can catch up to her around the festival grounds.

I didn’t really get to speak very long with her and her consort, Nybor, as much as I would have liked.  Outside of vending, she moves far faster than I can with my cane, so I hope that upon our return to Phoenix Phyre for Ostara in 2013, we can have a chance to chat a bit more since we both have poetry in common.  Grandmother Elspeth, as well as giving workshops, has authored the poem “The Challenge,” and is the creator of the CD sets “Out of the Forest,” and “Gylantra’s Legacy.”  She also gave workshops during Phoenix Phyre, but I wasn’t able to attend any workshop this time, but was told that her workshops were truly amazing.

Nybor is an interesting person as well and is an internationally honored artist; as well as a healer, teacher, pastoral counselor, spiritual theorist, self-taught ritual magician, and a hermit at heart.  He is currently working on various theories of metaphysics as well which reflects the diversity of his talents.

After our soiree (Apologies to the vendors I wasn’t able to visit this time due to my health, but I’ll try to catch up with you all next time), we headed back to the hearth to visit with old friends and new ones that stopped by, including the ever so charming Lord Cheiron (Michael Cheiron, Ph.D.).  Lord Cheiron is a well known and respected Pagan leader in the Southeast area with a long line of credentials including Founder, High Priest and Elder of LunaFyre Sanctuary in the North Georgia; past Board member of Family Wiccan Traditions International; elder in Blue Lotus Grove; Member and Communications Officer for the Dogwood Local Chapter of Covenant of the Goddess; and a continuing list of outstanding accomplishments.  He is extremely knowledgeable and always welcome at our hearth.  It’s difficult these days for me to get to workshops, but I have heard that his workshops are very inspiration and thought provoking.  (Although he keeps forgiving me, I really have to find some time to get over there next time.)

Leraje with his charming companion, Brenna, also stopped by and we managed to convince him to hold a Sumbel at our hearth, which resulted in eruptions of fits of laughter especially since we decided to drink to every toast instead of once a round during our own toast.  Leraje graced us with the meaning of the Sumbel and after the three usual rounds, we threw in two more rounds.  One for the person who inspired us on our Path and the final round to the Crones and Sages that have influenced us.

There was also some discussion regarding information and experiences in a Second Life group called Second Coven, which I found rather provocative and interesting since I am unfamiliar with virtual covens.  However, I’m going to save a more detailed discussion about internet virtual covens for another article because I want to spend a little more time researching and speaking to other people about virtual covens.

Then came another round of early evening showers and we retired to the tent to take a nap.  Unfortunately, it rained a little longer than we had hoped, but it was funny when you would hear thunder and then shortly afterward you would hear the rally cry, “Hail Thor!” which was a remnant of the sumbel we had enjoyed earlier.  *giggles*

After the rain passed, we headed over to the Phoenix Rising Party where Alexian was performing and our friend, Druydess, had organized a Community stone soup for dinner.  If you are not familiar with Alexian (if that’s possible, lol), you can find more information on my previous feature on him.

The high point of the concert was a new song Alexian presented based upon the poem written by Grandmother Elspeth called “The Challenge”.  We also enjoyed the music of other favorites such as Cool to Be a Witch, along with watching many of our friends dancing the night away.

I know you all want to know what Alexian is up to and what is coming out in the future, but he gave me the full scoop while visiting the next day, but that wasn’t on this day, so you just have to wait.  *snickers*

After the concert, we headed over to the drum circle for a short time to enjoy the drumming by the Tribal Soup Drummers, who were joined by Community drummers including a few peeps from The Abyss (waves to Willow and Bill who are amazing drummers on their own.)

Afterwards, we headed back to the hearth so our son could turn in and enjoyed chatting a little bit before turning in for the evening.

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