Phoenix Phyre Ostara 2012 ~ Saturday 03/24/12

Saturday was another stumble to the First Aid Tent for a cup of coffee and a period of malaise in a camp chair. (I’m so predictable in the mornings.)

Then, we headed off to walk around for a little bit stopping by to see the Rupert’s Tales show that Kyrja & Randy presented at Phoenix Phyre. Our son thoroughly enjoyed the tales and songs. If you have never sat in on one of these children’s workshops, it is worthwhile and enjoyable even for adults.

Afterwards, Kyrja and Randy stopped by to visit our hearth. Always love spending time with her and was glad to spend some additional time chatting with Randy as it seems that we often only had a few moments in passing previously. They have a lot of projects in the works and when they are firmed up a little more, I’ll be sure to share the future adventures of Rupert’s Tales.

One of the funniest things to emerge from our conversation was “Glitterdome ~ Two Fairies Enter ~ One Fairy Leaves,” which provided giggles from everyone throughout the rest of the festival. Much more silliness went on, but what can you expect when Kyrja and a muse set down and chat.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent chatting with more friends and visitors around the heart and then a quick nap before the early evening community meeting and then the main ritual

The main ritual was entitled The White Goddess ritual and was hosted by Belladonna Laveau, who will become the Archpriestess of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Intl. in Litha of 2012, along with her working partner Dusty Dionne of the WISE tradition of British Traditional Witchcraft.

I sat on the outside of the main ritual with our younger son, but was still able to enjoy the ritual, which was an adaptation of a veiled goddess ritual calling. The Mother Goddess aspect was called to commune individually with participants. This took a bit of time as there was quite a turn out, but the rite was well-done and appropriate to a gathering environment and venue.

After main ritual, we enjoyed a little more of the drumming by Tribal Soup, but then headed back as Druydess had promised everyone some of her spectacular Potato & Leek Soup, which required volunteers to stir the brew until it came to fruition.

It was another wonderful day and seemed like the festival was flying by quickly as the day ended and we nodded off to the sound of merrymaking and soup slurping over at Druydess’ neighboring campsite.

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