Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus ~ 28 Pagan Musicians in 28 Days Series 2012

Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus is a Clearwater based band often seen at various pagan events and venues in Florida.  They have an eclectic flavor which reflects their obvious passion for our beliefs and the Community.

In 1989, founding member Lori Newlove was a member of the chorus during the 2000-person ritual celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Starhawk’s iconic book The Spiral Dance, which inspired her to form the Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus from amongst the members of the Shining Wheel Coven in 1994.  In 2003, Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus released their first album, Chants Of Balance.  In 2011, “Elemental Children Of Earth” was release as a single and the band decided to rename their second album Elemental Children Of Earth later that year.

When asked about the second album, Lori shared that it is “an eclectic collection of divinely-inspired songs; it ranges from rollicking rock & roll to moody introspection, with a little hippie drum circle thrown in for good measure! Good pagan fun for all!”  She further told us that one of the songs, She Gives Us Life (the Gulf Song), was inspired by the 2010 BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  The ecological disaster resulting from this oil spill had a huge impact on the members of the Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus and the proceeds of the sale of this song are being donated to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

Current members of the Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus are Connie Beal, Eric Bohner, Michael Johnson, Brian Morse, Lori Newlove, Raine (Christina) Paar, Colby Parrish, Brian Seachrist, and Holli Tempe.  Former members also include Balinnor, Crystal Belden, Maria Brueck, Lisa Fetter, Jennifer Fonslet, Chance Gray, Nahani Gorsira, Jillian Kestrel, Jamie Kiefner, LuAnn Morris, Amy Otero, Vicki Scotti, Charles Simmons, Susan Simmons, Kathi Wahls, Leah Wall, Scott Wall, and Cody Yunick.  To learn more about the members, be sure to visit their website.

Upcoming Events:

Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus will be performing live on Saturday, Feb 11, 2012, at 8:00pm at All World Acres for Bridghid’s Fire Festival. This is a weekend camping event but you can register for a day pass at to hear the band and participate in other events throughout the day.

All World Acres is located at 4715 Bruton Road in Plant City, FL 33565.  Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus also has another event planned at All World Acres for February 18th during Zenfest.

The Shining Wheel Coven will also be performing a full moon ritual at the Tampa UU Church and songs from the new cd will be featured.

Contact Info:
Website –
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Youtube –

Chants of Balance (2003)
Gaia (2009)
Hecate is Rising (2010)
She Gives Us Life (2010)
Elemental Children of the Earth (2011)


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