Spiritual Depression

It is not discussed much, but in my personal experience, I think the community has more incidences of depression. Why? I can’t say for sure, but I think it comes from a few main factors:

(1) Injured people come looking for answers that society cannot help with, such as “Why me?” “Does God hate me so much?”, etc. or they are they feel that they are outcasts for some reason, such as lifestyle preferences. They already come with hurts and pains and depressions they have acquired and need to overcome.

(2) The spiritual path has a tremendous amount of focus on the inner you. The first year in an Outer Court is focused on discovering yourself. The reasons and motivations. The conscious and subconsciousness. The positives and negatives within us. We cannot move forward until we are willing to see ourselves clearly in all our aspects including our glorious ones. One cannot be fully responsible for their actions and make clear judgments if they are unwilling to acknowledge all the sources within them that may “creep” in to color that judgment and put those factors in their proper place. Many people cannot handle that amount of self-critique and analysis.

(3) As you journey, you become different. That’s the best way I can describe it. You may discover that you have an ability or abilities that even others in the community don’t want to acknowledge or are unwilling to accept. (A good example are really powerful seers.) So sometimes, the further you travel to find yourself and a place where you are accepted, you find that you are still separate. This can be depressing until you reach the place of acceptance and a certain level of indifference to other’s opinions of you.

Remember, if depression for anyone continues or if you have thought of suicide, or it intereferes with your daily life, seek medical attention and speak to your doctor. 

How can you deal with spiritual depression that stems from past pains?

Write each past pain on separate piece of paper and put it into a box you have made called your Pain Box. Each week, buy one red carnation and pull out one piece of paper. Focus all the pain you have described in the paper onto the red carnation. Each day cut an inch or so off the bottom of the carnation while saying “I release the pain from this memory”. At the end of the week, burn the remaining blossom and the paper together saying the same thing and ask the elements to purify the pain as it takes it away from you. Throw the ashes into running water and walk away without looking back. When you get home take a purification bath.

Then repeat for the next issue in your pain box. If you find emerging or repeating pains during this, then put it on a new piece of paper and add it to your pain box. One day, you will find that your pain box is empty and then you can decide if you need to have a pain box anymore or not.

Sometimes the only way out is in as painful as that journey may be.

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