Tending My Wytchy Spiritual Garden

I am going to answer a few often asked questions regarding how someone can maintain a consistently high spiritual state when they are (1) so busy with __________ and/or have so many things going on right now, (2) so stressed by ______’s drama, (3) overwhelmed and depressed, (4) having constant physical pain/illness issues, (5) having extreme financial difficulties, (6) battling drug or alcohol addictions.

The answer? You can’t.

The response that usually comes after that is (1) but so many other people seem to do it, and/or (2) _________ person (usually Jesus) from a long ago past did it.

The answer? (1) Other people fake what’s really going on with themselves sometimes, and (2) Jesus never worked 40 plus hours a week, never was responsible for caring and feeding for five children, never had continuing lawsuits and/or extreme financial issues, and (due to his amazing healing abilities) probably never had a cold much less fibromyalgia or degenerative disc disease. Did Jesus have some issues to deal with? Yeah and he got to walk away into the desert for 40 days and nights to sort it out. If we did that, our children would starve and we couldn’t pay for our mortgage. Remember that back then sleeping on the roadside was considered “hip” and popular. Now they call it loitering and they arrest you for that stuff adding another 40 day absence in your family’s life in addition to the first 40 days of “finding yourself” not to mention the money required for bail, fines, and a lawyer.

Most people today would consider it very disturbing if they faced the prospect of telling their children that they lost their job, the house is being foreclosed, and that they were not sure if the kids were going to have some place to sleep or have anything to eat the following week and child services may have to take them away to foster care. Telling your children this and then telling them to be happy because you are maintaining a highly spiritual state is going to be met with blank faces of extremely upset and worried children. They don’t want to hear this. They want to hear how you are trying to fix this and make it right again.

Here’s the simple truth. Unless you are willing to sacrifice everything including your family and their financial, emotional, and psychological security, you can’t maintain the highly spiritual state of a saint regardless of all influences in this manifested state. If anyone says they can, then I’ll call them on their shit because it simply means that they are so spiritual that they don’t care about other people anymore and I don’t think anyone would agree that this constitutes the definition of “highly spiritual”.

What can you do? Accept that some days will be better spiritually than others and be as spiritual as possible while taking care of your business, but you have to put taking care of your own business as a priority. If there is a break in tending your own business, then turn your attention to others that are also being influenced by those events.

Instead of telling people to help everyone else all the time, I often say that if everyone put their focus first on their own business and took care of their own, then put the remaining 10 percent into helping others, the world would be a better place. Otherwise, you just end up with so many more spiritually unbalanced and drained people who have invested energy, effort, emotion, and time into other things and let their own suffer in the process. This only results in being burned out, unstable, and becoming bitter because no one else is coming to “save” you while you are spending all your time “saving” others.

Instead, if 20 people tended their own gardens, then most of the 20 people would have a surplus to help others at harvest and possibly have an excess of seeds to share the following spring. If those same 20 people kept tending the same neighbor’s garden everyday while ignoring or minimally tending their own, the one neighbor will have a lovely garden and harvest while the 20 others may or may not have enough harvest to survive the winter much less have enough seeds for themselves or anyone else the following spring. One lovely garden will not provide the same amount of produce that 20 well-tended gardens will provide the Community.

While not a Christian principle of sacrificing yourself and your children today instead of preparing for tomorrow, in the pagan ways of nature, it is a sound principle of resource economics that works. It just doesn’t provide the immediate gratification that people often seek (demand) these days, but it does provide for a healthier future for us all as a Community.

Does this mean turn your back on everyone in need? No. But it does mean to help others realistically and not at the expense of taking care of your own business or tending to those that the Goddess has given you to care for.

By the same token, it does not mean to be a miser or to hoard a Goddess given bountiful crop. BUT it means that you ensure that all that is in your charge has been cared for and THEN you see what measure of good you can do in the world with your SURPLUS without sacrificing NECESSITIES of today or the necessities to provide for another bountiful crop in the Spring so that you can continue to be generous to others in need.

Muwah! Mead Muse

P.S. This also answers where I’ve been lately. I’ve been tending my own garden and, Goddess willing, will have a bountiful spiritual and emotional harvest. As I’m writing this, I took a look at the number of comments that piled up while I’ve been tending my garden. Sigh. Oh well, as She wills. LOL & Muwah!

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4 Responses to Tending My Wytchy Spiritual Garden

  1. Ila East says:

    You bring forth some very good points. So many people think they are being selfish if they take care of themselves first, but they need to understand that if you don’t take care of yourself it means someone else will have to take care of you. Most of us don’t want to be a burden on others, so we need to remember to take care of ourselves first, and then help others.

  2. Sue Bickel says:

    Thank you. I’ve felt guilty for “tending my own garden;” I haven’t neglected my friends, though they wonder why I’m not nearly as forthright or available as I was before this time frame in my life. I agree that my garden needed a LOT of cleaning because I’d neglected it for 27 years – but, thanks to the Goddess, it’s array of sunshine, moonbeams and colors is bursting forth with new, exciting, and finally rewarding, experiences. For once, my spiritual self is in tune with the rest of my life. I’ve missed your posts but I also knew you were tending to your garden. Thanks for posting and Blessed Be.

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