World Collision & Didges Christ SuperDrum ~ New Pagan Musicians Series April 2012

World Collision fuses instruments and rhythms from around the world and delivers powerful new music, packed with energy and emotion blending the world of tribal rhythms with progressive modern Rock and Roll.  Band members consist of Jett (lead vocals, percussion, lyricist), ObiShawnKenobi a/k/a Shawn Bowen (guitar, harmonium, electric sitar, hammered dulcimer, tank drum, flutes, tongue drum, shahi baaja, bamboo sax, backing vocals), Bezl (drums, percussion, bass, backing vocals), Chuck West (bassist extrodinaire), and Jeremy Lembo (Didgeridoo, Flutes, Bamboo Sax, Drums, Percussion and a whole bunch more).

Didges Christ is an offshoot band consisting of Shawn Bowen and Jeremy Lembo from World Collision focusing on raw tribal drumming and percussion mixed with Jeremy’s didgeridoo with hard rock energy and arrangements. The performances feature interpretive dance and theatrical costumes, projection, blacklights, and what Shawn describes as “eerie witch-doctor freak-show fun.”

I had the privilege of speaking with Shawn about himself and the bands as well as his favorite haunt, the Siesta Key Drumming Circle.  Previously, Shawn had joined the band Neurotica and was discovered by Brian Johnson of AC/DC, who lives in the same town as Shawn. Additionally, Brian produced their first album, Seed, and even sang backup on one of the songs Deadly Sin. With their second album, Neurotica became involved with WWE wrestling and later the Ozzfest tour.

After, Neurotica eventually disbanded, Shawn opened a small music store specializing in unusual instruments and became inspired by world music and drumming circles. This interest has led to a huge collection of drums and other instruments as well as a recording studio.

Shawn Bowen indicated that Didges Christ SuperDrum is currently working on a new album that doesn’t yet have a title. He shared with me that he has a really strong new song about congress called “Broken Robots” which may end up being new album title, but that could change as the album is not scheduled for release until the end of year. The original album is all instrumental, but they have taken those songs and added some vocals and guitar on the next release.

In the meantime, Didges Christ SuperDrum has put a four song recording on their website, which is only available by download. The recording is called “Alien Technology” performed with Jett and Bezl from the World Collision band.

When asked about the name Didges Christ SuperDrum, Shawn stated, “As far as the name, I am always coming up with silly parodies of band names in my head and that one just stuck, I always loved the Jesus Christ Superstar original Broadway recording with Ian Gillan as Jesus, so it was swimming around in my head when I was trying to think of a name for our new Drum and Didgeridoo project”

One of Shawn’s favorite haunts is the regular drum circle on Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida. You can often find him (as well as the other members of World Collision and Didges Christ SuperDrum) jamming with other well known musicians and local drummers. The Siesta Key Drumming Circle has been going strong with experienced and beginning drummers for over fifteen years and is worth visiting if you live there or are visiting in the area.

Albums ~ World Collision (See Videos below):
Embark (2008)
Trancention (2009)
Nosferatu (2011)
On Fire (2011)

Albums ~ Didges Christ SuperDrum (See Videos below):
Didges Christ SuperDrum (2010)
Alien Technology (2011)

Contact Info:
Didges Christ SuperDrum: Website / Facebook /
World Collision: Website / Facebook /
Siesta Key Drumming Circle: Information


The One True Devil by Didges Christ SuperDrum

Witch Doctor by Didges Christ SuperDrum

Sine by World Collision

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  1. Thanks so much Mead!! You rawwwwkk!!! Anyone interested in booking either band please feel free to email me or find me on Facebook!!

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