Zombies in Florida? Who knew?

Apparently, there has been an outbreak of zombies in Florida lately which begets an important question in the Community.  Should we accept zombies as a group under the category of Pagans?

Pagans and Wiccans have long held a policy of non-discrimination in their religious beliefs.  We warmly welcomed those that have been considered the outcasts and unwanted from the mainstream and have been blessed by the strength, commitment and dedication those people have brought to our religious beliefs.  But Zombies?  Do we have a place for Zombies?  Regardless, you have to admit that we do love our walking dead.

Personally, I have the same approach to Zombies as I do sexual preference. Unless I’m considering putting you in my bed, I don’t really care who anyone sleeps with or marries as long as it’s between consenting adults.  As for Zombies, I suppose I don’t really care unless they are gnawing on my ankle.  Then again, don’t expect me to eat dinner at their house regardless of what they say is cooking in their cauldron.

Anyway, I’ll save the philosophical debate for around the campfires while we turn our attention to the Zombie Invasion occurring in Florida.  Here’s a list of some of the upcoming events in Florida.  I personally am going to bring a stick when I go so that I can poke the dead things.  That’s just the kind of muse I am.

Upcoming Zombie Events:

03/15 – 03/16/13 Orlando ~ Zombicon

05/05 – 05/05/12 Jacksonville ~ Jacksonville Zombie Walk ~ Night of the Living Dead Zombie Walk & Art Show/Auction at the Phoenix Taproom with benefits to save the Evans City Cemetery Chapel

05/25 – 05/12/12 Orlando ~ May-Hem Zombie Festival by Spookie Empire at the Wyndham Orlando Resort with Linda Hamilton of the Terminator series and John Astin of The Addams Family

06/02 – 06/02/12 Tampa ~ Crawl of the Zombies Summer 2012

07/21 – 07/21/12 Jacksonville ~ Ancient Zombies Walk to the Ancient City Convention at 1:00 p.m.

10/11 – 10/11/11 Tallahassee ~ Zombie Walk at FSU ~ They also have a variety of other zombie related activities such as Zombie Evasion Training, etc.  I didn’t see anything scheduled yet this year for the Zombie Walk, but it was a success last year so I imagine there will be another one.

10/12 – 10/12/12 Jacksonville ~ Zombie Buffet 5k 2012

10/13 – 10/13/12 Jacksonville ~ Jacksonville Zombie Fest World Zombie Day 2012 at The Jacksonville Landing

10/15 – 10/15/12 Fort Myers ~ Zombicon

11/17 – 11/17/12 Orlando ~ Zombie Run For Your Lives



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2 Responses to Zombies in Florida? Who knew?

  1. Ila East says:

    I watched a TV program entitiled Doomsday Bunkers. The people who are building these bunkers call themselves prepers and the people they are going to be defending themselves from Zombies. Just something to think about. ;)

  2. river says:

    Melbourne has a great zombie walk every year. I had a hard time staying ‘in character’ because I was laughing so hard!

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